Getting so close

The days are ticking down, and the boxes are filling up.  In just a few days, my family is moving.  What will that mean for the blog?  It will mean some inconsistent posting for sure.  It will also mean a whole new setting, a new climate, a new house to decorate, and a new community to explore.  The change will mean that the blog will take on the tone of sending a letter back home.  As much as I am preparing myself to embrace our new town and our new state with all of the potential for building friendships and creating memories, THIS is home.  So I’ll be writing to keep family and friends informed in addition to all the other reasons that I love this space on the Web.  I also plan to show a few more faces on my blog in the future since I know some grandparents who will be keeping their eyes to the blog in order to watch their little munchkins grow and learn.  I’m thinking about a recurring feature: Movie Monday.  I thought my readers might like to see our clan in action. 

I’ll try to pop back in for another post before the move.  ‘Bye for now…

2 thoughts on “Getting so close

  1. Kim Crawford

    Sending lots of love and safety to you and your family. You are starting another journey in your life. Grasp the moment, take a deep breath and enjoy!

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