Our Journey to a New Home

We made it.  We’re here.  The guys left in our Jeep on Saturday (including my dad, our dog, and our pet fish). 

My mom, Charlotte, and I made the journey by plane.  We are not seasoned travelers, so this was a bit of a challenge for us.  But we did it!  While my palms were sweating and I was praying that no one around me would become air sick (I know I’m weird!), I was able to enjoy the view.  Everything from the clouds to the tiny farms below were astoundingly beautiful.

We arrived in our new house late on Sunday night, so in the darkness, we saw very little of our new surroundings.  On Monday morning, I stepped outside with our dog, and I was shocked and delighted to see the sun rising over a lovely lake.  What a  nice surprise. 

So this is the beginning of a new part of our story.  Like any great tale, there are exciting twists and turns.   This is one of those unexpected swerves along the way.  I have to remind myself that we are not alone.  Many people have followed this path before.  And survived.

(outside our new library)

4 thoughts on “Our Journey to a New Home

  1. Kate

    Congrats on getting to your new home. Our local library is doing the same reading program this summer (actually it wraps up tomorrow… so sad).

  2. kathy

    How cool the boys look in their shades……we miss you….sorry to keep saying it…..looking forward to more pics and long distance chats…….MUCHO AMORE…….

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