Beach trip #1

When my husband and I lived in Massachusetts, we were about two hours from the shore.  We went to Boston one time, and we took a little anniversary trip to New Hampshire.  Other than those two excursions, we did not take advantage of the proximity to the ocean.  In our new location, we don’t want to let the opportunity pass.  So on Saturday, we headed to the beach.  We chose to take an evening trip to avoid the most intense sunshine and heat.  We chose well.  The beach was gorgeous.  The setting sun gave a lovely light to our surroundings, and we could enjoy the sand and sea without getting toasted.  Of course, we slathered up with sunscreen, and Charlotte & I kept to the shade.

You gotta watch that girl though…already showing her midriff at the beach!

The salt came as an unpleasant surprise.  This boy of mine is a little dramatic about such things.

Mostly, we just loved having a few hours to forget about being the “tourists” in town (lots of people at the beach are tourists!), enjoy seeing smiling faces and squeals of laughter, and stop worrying about all the details of settling into a new  home.

It was a count-your-blessings sort of day.

10 thoughts on “Beach trip #1

  1. Judie

    WONDERFUL pictures thanks for sharing – is Charlotte’s hair as red as it looks? Really pretty! The boys are adorable! Glad you had a good day! More to come too!

  2. deb

    great pictures! looks like a lovely day. charlotte is getting daring already!! goona have to watch that girl…..she is too young to be showing her middle….

  3. Lea and Hal Stockdill

    It’s great to hear from you, Erica. I’ve been wanting to call, but know that you have hundreds of things to do each day. Beautiful photos, beautiful family. What beach did you enjoy? Love, A. Lea and U. Hal

  4. kathy

    Awesome pictures.Charlotte got so big! We miss all of you so much. I am teary eyed and happy for your new adventures…. Love you all more than I can say..

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