Anniversary Friday

Friday, my husband and I celebrated ten years of marriage.  Ten years!  Does that make us grown-ups?  It seems like we should be grown-ups now after ten years of marriage, three children, and several advanced degrees (two for him, one completed for me).  Yet, I don’t feel much different than I did as a 22 year old bride.

I had graduated from college a little over two months before our wedding.  Cory had been out for one year.  We were preparing to begin graduate school in Massachusetts.  We had a little third-floor apartment in a Victorian house waiting for us there.  We had visited it twice–once with my family when we first saw the apartment & signed the lease and once with Cory’s parents as we moved some of our belongings there & slept in sleeping bags in the living room.

As we approached our wedding day, we joked that we would “try it out” for 75 years and see how we liked the whole “marriage thing.”  Well, ten years into the adventure, we like it!  He still makes me laugh…often.  And I don’t know if he knows this, but I love the look he gets in his eyes when he knows he really got me giggling.

Ten years ago, I suspected he would make a wonderful daddy.  Now, I get to see that I was right…over and over again.  I love Cory in ways that are deeper and more complex that I could have understood ten years ago, but love is just as fun as it was in August 2001.

3 thoughts on “Anniversary Friday

  1. Mom

    I can hardly believe you are celebrating 10 years of marriage!!! As I read your entry I just smile…I love how you still talk about Cory . You can read between the lines how much you love him and your sweet family.

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