Thinking about Writing…

I love a new notebook.  Have I mentioned this before?  I get really excited–unreasonably excited–by a fresh, clean, untouched notebook.  I’ve felt this way for, well, forever.  I know I’m not alone in my passion for empty pages.  I guess I open a new notebook with the expectation that I will craft the greatest novel of all time or finally perfect the Shakespearean sonnet rhyme-scheme.  Or at the very least, I’ll make an awesome to-do list that actually gets done.  Imagine.

This blue beauty actually belongs to my three-year-old son, and I am proud to say that he is pretty excited about it.  We’ve been having writing time after lunch.  He makes big, happy swirls on his pages while I’m working on some brainstorming in my hot pink composition book.  (Does it get any better than a composition book?  Truly?)  Some time this summer, I realized something exciting and scary:  the itch to write has returned.  Now, don’t let me lead you to believe that I stopped enjoying the written work.  No, no.  But to be honest, seven years later, I am still recovering from MFA burn-out.  The tremendous pressure of the whole MFA atmosphere left me to question (again and again) the role I want writing to play in my life.  I do not have an answer, but I do know that I want to be more deliberate about including writing in my life–giving it value, giving it time.  If my life were a pie chart, the nifty little wedge for “writing” would be just a bit bigger than microscopic…at least lately.  It would be bigger than, say, computing statistical proofs, but it would not be as big as doing laundry or picking up socks or changing diapers.  Laundry must continue to be done.  Diapers certainly need to be changed, but I want writing to show up on the chart.

I want to do more than just-about-weekly blogging and more than e-mailing.  What role will writing play in my life?  If the writing wedge in my hypothetical pie chart grows, which portion will necessarily shrink?  Not laundry.  I need to think about this, and then I need to do more than think.  I need to do.  I need to write.

5 thoughts on “Thinking about Writing…

  1. Catriona Kirk

    I have been feeling exactly the same way about painting lately. I need to find time somewhere in my day in between washing dishes and playing with tinkertoys to get those creative juices flowing! Also, I just bought that same blue composition book – it is pretty:)

  2. ahh, music to my ears! I have been there, and I love that we share this passion! Write, Erica, write! I’ve been waiting a long time to read a book authored by you. Though I have had the privilege of reading a lot of your writings…I look forward to some more! 🙂

    Love you!!!!!!!

  3. Keira

    I love empty notebooks, too! And journals. I’ve been journaling again lately, and it’s been very rewarding. However, it is difficult to make time to write.

  4. Michelle H.

    Empty notebooks are my favorite! And who doesn’t love composition books? My last journal was kept in a composition book. It was hot pink with white polka dots and cherries in the bottom corner of the cover. Not very traditional, but it made me smile.

    I agree that you should go for writing a book! You know, in your spare time 😀 But really, I would buy it and I would tell all of my friends to do the same.

    Here’s my parting thought: “Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” I’m sure laundry can wait just one day, right?

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