Project: Food Budget (Week 7)

At last check, we were at $130 last week.  Over the weekend, we ordered pizza, adding $12.  So…a grand total of $142 for the week.  Our guests very graciously treated us to dinner and breakfast out.  Thank you, Kevin & Trish!

I am thrilled with my grocery shopping this week.  I’m doing a little happy dance right here on the lovely peacock couch (You can see it in my last post).  Despite having to buy 80 dinner rolls for a pot luck meal at my husband’s university, I spent only $81 for our weekly grocery stop.  I can’t really say how this happened.  Yes, we did go to the pot luck, but I still spent $15 on dinner rolls which is more than I usually spend on a week-day dinner.  I am planning a crustless quiche with Canadian bacon and colby, and on another night, we are having spaghetti with garden-style sauce.  Both of those meals are inexpensive.  Last week, I bought a big bag of potatoes on sale, so I’m using them in several side dishes this week.  I guess small changes are making a difference.

We spent $5 on a quick snack stop bringing the week to only $86.

Week 1 + Week 2 + Week 3 = $352 so far

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3 thoughts on “Project: Food Budget (Week 7)

  1. deb

    erica, this is great!! i need to know how you manage it!?!?
    i would like to try this, but have no clue on how to budget!!!!
    email me and please give me some hints.
    good luck on your new home and the budgeting…..
    have a great thanksgiving!!


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