Project: Food Budget (Week 9)

Oh dear.  Oh dear.  I’m feeling like a Food Budget flunkie.  I haven’t done a real grocery shopping in two weeks.  We are making frequent stops and frequent meals out.  But I do have a few numbers to report.  So far, we’ve spent $45 on groceries and $47 eating out.  That comes to $92 with plenty more to buy before next week.  I’m hoping to feel normal again soon and find a good routine for us as we settle into our house.  I hope to have a better report next week.  Let’s see how my budget buddies did for Week 9.

The Week 9 Participating Blogs:

4 thoughts on “Project: Food Budget (Week 9)

  1. You are so not a flunkie! You are just transitioning.

    Congrats on the new place. Hope you start to feel settled soon, and can get back into your routine. I know how out of sorts it can feel when you don’t have a routine (or know where the heck anything is!).

  2. I have been in your shoes so many times before! It is hard when you’re getting settled into a new house. All sense of routines and normalcy just goes right out the window for a while!

    Congratulations on your home, and, good luck getting into a new routine. After all, half the fun of have a new place is establishing your new life in it!

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