Ah…Clean Slate

Do you feel that clean, fresh breeze blowing by, clearing off the dust of old ways?  For some of you, that “breeze” might feel like an icy gale, but for my family, the movement is crisp and pleasant.  It promises a fresh start, a new beginning.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:  I love beginnings!  In my first Warm as Pie post ever, I wrote briefly about how much I love a new start, no matter what time of year.  The beginning of 2012 is exciting.  We started the year on the road as we made the long drive from North to South.  (Having watched Gone With the Wind over the holiday, I was particularly aware of the Mason Dixon line and Charleston, SC.)  Oh, I was so sad to leave Home to go home, but as we made our way southward, I felt the excitement growing.  We left our new house in a bit of a scramble, and now I get to truly be a “homemaker” as I empty boxes, hang pictures, and set up new routines.  How I’ve missed our routines!  I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I could do parenthood without them.

I have several goals for the new year.  I prefer the word “goals” to “resolutions” because, to me, a resolution is a promise and a goal is a process.  I cannot promise that will have my new ways set in stone on January 1.  No way.  Instead, I will be working all year to make positive changes for me and my family.

My very most important goal is to make our house open to guests at all times.  I want to practice hospitality in its truest form, ready to share the joy of friendship at any moment.

Secondly, I want to treat our bedroom as a sanctuary for me and my husband.  Our bedroom is always the place where I mindlessly toss things.  I usually avoid going there for any reason other than sleep, but with a brand new bedroom to design, decorate, and enjoy, I figure this is the time to commit to making a little refuge for us.

I hope you are refreshed and ready to write something beautiful on that clean slate before you.


One thought on “Ah…Clean Slate

  1. hello:) excited to be on board the project food budget! thanks for visiting my blog. i totally get the organizing thing – i’m with you on that lol. i’m looking forward to reading more on your blog.

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