Project: Food Budget (Week 16)

Hey there!  Not as good as last week, but not terrible.  This was sort of a restocking week.  Groceries came to $120.  We had a quickie lunch out for $15, and dinner at church cost $9.  Total: $144.  Hmm… I’m under my absolute budget of $150/week, but I’m far over my $100 goal.  We did have to buy a lot of everyday items like paper goods and condiments.  I’m glad that I can go back and read last week’s post to cheer myself up.

It’s been nice to receive comments from my fellow Food Budget bloggers.  I find them and ALL comments to be very encouraging.  Thank you!

3 thoughts on “Project: Food Budget (Week 16)

  1. emlevenson

    I still think that’s a pretty big win (under the official budget)!! I always struggle with stock up weeks. And I had a big one myself this time around.

    Keep up the good work!!

  2. Definitely look on the bright side that you were under your main budget of $150!

    I always go over the weeks I have to buy things like tp or paper towels, or cleaning supplies, etc… but at least those kinds of purchases only come up once a month or sometimes even longer depending on if you buy in bulk.

  3. I’m about to have a giant pantry restocking week, and I just set the budget higher. And I don’t count non-food purchases for this project. Those are budgeted for items, of course, I just don’t count them for P:FB.

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