Project: Food Budget (Week 18)

Oops…a bit late.  We’re over budget this week, but it is for a very good reason.  We’re getting company!  This week’s grocery shopping included food for Saturday snacks, a nice lunch on Sunday, and Super Bowl food.  For us, Super Bowl equals homemade calzones.  Yes!  Can’t wait.

So…the not-so-good numbers.  We have a weekly budget of $150, but I’ve set the personal goal of $100.  Groceries came to $145, and we spent $11 at church.  Then, I ran back to the store for Thursday night’s fish and bananas.  That was about $15.  Total: $171.

The menu this week was kind of fun.  On Monday, we had some leftovers from the weekend.  Tuesday was beef stir fry with an orange sauce.  Wednesday we ate at church.  Thursday was catfish, mac n’ cheese, and mixed veggies.  Friday is Sloppy Joe Pizza (because my mom made me hungry for it).  Saturday will be spaghetti and salad.  Sunday’s lunch will be the creamy chicken tacos that I’ve mentioned before and calzones in the evening.

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