Project: Food Budget (Week 19)

It’s been an exciting week here! We’ve had fun with our company, and company means good food.  With generous help from our guests, our grocery budget came to only $72.  We had dinner out on Monday evening for a total of $22 (love .”Kids Eat Free” night), and hubby & I just returned for our first date since Charlotte was born.  We went to Chili’s for the “2 for 20” menu.  Fajitas…yum.  The meal came to $24.  Total for the week:  $118.  Not bad!

A note about our date:  Cory and I haven’t been without a child nearby since June.  I treasured the time to sit, talk, laugh, and eat with my husband.  The elbow room was heavenly.  But…oh my…I was so happy and relieved to return home.  Turns out, the little lady fell asleep minutes after we left, and she didn’t wake up until we had been home for about half an hour.    Maybe we’ll do it again some time!

2 thoughts on “Project: Food Budget (Week 19)

  1. That is so sweet you had your first post baby date. 🙂 We started dating too…17 years post. hee hee!

    You are doing wonderful with your food budget! Anthony & Noah being teens eat me out of house and home! I was going to do this, but I think when you started I got sick or something like that. HA! Good excuse anyways!

    God Bless, girlie! 🙂

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