Project: Food Budget (Week 28)

How on Earth do you budget for holidays and guests?  I could use some tips.  The holiday meal and little extras sort of came out of Food, Entertainment, and Misc.  More or less.  Our guests generously chipped in and treated us to dinner as well.  So nice!  We have no menu for the week but plenty of leftovers, so we’re just winging it.  I’ll run to the store later today for juice, milk, and grapes and meals for Saturday and Sunday.  I’ll have to report on those totals next week, so tune in for a Week 28 & 29 update next Thursday.

The Week 28 Participating Blogs:

One thought on “Project: Food Budget (Week 28)

  1. swaps are the best thing to get to know people. i have tons of fun doing it. most of all i love all of the different styles of wrapping a gift. everyone has their own unique detslia!!!

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