Project: Food Budget (Week 31)

(Hanging head in shame.)  I’m so sorry food budget readers and fellow bloggers.  I’m a complete delinquent this week.  I’m a day late (again), and as I’ve written before, routine is everything for me.  If I don’t follow my tried-and-true routine for meal planning, budgeting, and shopping, the whole system falls apart, and this week was one of those weeks.  I feel like I spend more time apologizing for my slips than celebrating my successes here on the blog, but I suppose when I signed on for a 52 week challenge, I should have anticipated some rough weeks.

But I did do one good thing this week, I had friends over, twice.  First, I hosted a La Leche League meeting in my home on Tuesday.  I made a little snack of strawberries, grapes, crackers, and a spread for the crackers.  Nothing fancy.  On Thursday, I held a little pot luck lunch for the National Day of Prayer.  The pot luck concept is genius!  I’m so glad that I remembered this really fun way to open our home, enjoy some friends, eat yummy food, and not feel overwhelmed by food prep or the stretching of a budget.  Pot luck is perfect.

Promising a better week to come!

The Week 31 Participating Blogs:

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