Project: Food Budget (Week 33)

(Please don’t forget my giveaway!  Take a look at Tuesday’s post for details.)

This week was not normal, but it was fun!  We celebrated a paycheck on Monday by eating out at a place that offers free kids’ meals on Mondays.  Our bill came to $24 for an excellent meal.  Totally worth the tiny splurge.  On Tuesday, we attended F’s t-ball end-of-the-year party.  For only $10, our whole family enjoyed pizza, snacks, cake, drinks, and swimming.  On Wednesday, we had our meal at the church.  The cost was $9.  We needed a rather small grocery run with all those dinners away from home.  The groceries came to $68.  Total: $111

Sorry for the boring post.  Time for a game of Uno with my guys.  Must go…

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