Wrapping Up

As summer approaches, our lives are slowing down.  Many of our activities are having “last days,” and my younger son is wrapping up his first year of preschool.  He attended a class for 3 year olds, and we chose a 3-days-per-week schedule (as opposed to 5 days).  We loved the program.  The teachers are wonderful.  The school is bright and cheerful and tidy.  Just a great place.  On May 10, the school celebrated with an end of the year program, and J enjoyed showing us around his classroom and pointing out his work in the art show.  He loved showing us the grill in the imaginary play center.  The grill is J’s absolute favorite item in the classroom!

Preschool will continue until the end of the month.  It has been a very positive experience.  Congratulations, little man!

2 thoughts on “Wrapping Up

  1. So glad for the good pre-school experience! As you have all of your “lasts” of this season, I wish you best for the “firsts” for the next season!

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