Project: Food Budget (Week 37) ON THE ROAD!

Traveling again.  Here are some things that have worked well for us when vacationing with over twenty people, including six small children:

1.  Plan snacks for the road.  We try to avoid expensive and usually unhealthy on-the-road snacks by selecting some munchies that are tasty and not too crumbly for the car.  This time we packed cereal bars and a simple trail mix of peanuts, Cheerios, and mini M&Ms.  We each had a stainless steal water bottle ready for the long drive.  (Just to be clear, we drove with only 5 people, not 20+.)

2.  Plan dinners, not full days of meals.  We first vacationed as a BIG family when I was pregnant with our first child.  At that time, Cory’s oldest brother had one infant son, and his younger brother had three older children.  We have changed a lot!  There are now six little ones, and the “big kids” are young adults!  At first, we were a little nervous about how to handle meals.  We found that individual families needed to stock up on their own favorite foods, but we all share everything.  We make a menu of meals for the week, including one night out, and several of the couples do date nights.  Everyone contributes food to the meals, and those of us who like to cook do the preparations while the ones who don’t prefer to cook do clean-up.  We do whatever we like for breakfasts and lunches.  Here is the menu for our week:

Saturday:  Pizza when we arrive

Sunday:  Hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, watermelon, and baked beans

Monday:  Italian Night (rigatoni, salad, hot sausage, and meat balls)

Tuesday:  Taco Night

Wednesday:  BBQ chicken, pasta salad, cornbread (Date Night)

Thursday:  Dinner Out

Friday: Leftovers to clear out the fridge!


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