Project: Food Budget (Week 39)

Hi, again.  These food blog posts are difficult while we are not at home.  Our budget is weird, but I want to keep in the rhythm of posting anyway.

We spent $77 on groceries.  That included only one planned meal, but we also bought our family’s “usuals” like bagels, cereal, cheese, bananas, yogurt, etc.  We don’t want to be total freeloaders! 😉

I can’t remember if I shared the Pork Carnitas recipe before.  It is worth checking out here.  That’s the one meal we planned for the week on the night that my sisteer and her family arrived.

Week 39 Participating blogs:

2 thoughts on “Project: Food Budget (Week 39)

  1. Thanks for sharing the Carnitas Recipe. I have some frozen pork I’m hoping to use and this looks like a great way to do that in very yummy fashion! Have a great week

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