Project: Food Budget (Week 40)

What?  Week 40?  Can that be right?  I had high hopes for this project, and I have to say that I’m disappointed with myself.  It’s really hard to focus when the days seem to be zooming along.  When life gets back to normal, I’ll have more interesting posts to offer in the way of food and budgets and a happy blend of the two.  Until then, here is one of the cake recipes I used for Charlotte’s birthday cake.  It is a great basic white cake.  I made a chocolate layer as well, but I misplaced the link.  I’ll share that as soon as I find it!

White cake can be found at

Forty weeks is a long time to commit to a project.  Ask any mom who made it to the end of a pregnancy!  Please reward my fellow budget bloggers with a glance at their posts.

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