Beautiful Weekend

It’s already Wednesday, but I’m still daydreaming about the beautiful (extended) weekend we had with my sister and her husband in New York.  We stayed in the wonderful, old home that the couple purchased last summer.  The big, early 20th century beauty is filled with lots of wonderful elements that made me feel like I was walking around in a magazine.

I love old houses, and this is a great one.  The wood floors, doors, beams, and built-in cabinets give the place a sense of stability and richness.  At the same time, high ceilings, a hidden passage, stained glass windows, and quirky features like the interesting light switch above fill the house with whimsy.

You know the very best feature of my sister’s new house?  A certain little nephew who was baptized on Sunday.  Oh my.  I love that little man, and I am completely delighted to be his godmother, a role I will cherish always.  I love watching my sister and my brother-in-law be parents.  I love their tenderness, the careful ways in which they tend to the baby’s needs, and the joy that surrounds them despite cries and marathon nursing sessions and diaper explosions.  I love the little songs they sing to their son, the smiles they exchange.  We had a happy weekend–a joyful, blessed weekend that I hope to repeat many times over the years.

3 thoughts on “Beautiful Weekend

  1. kathy G

    Really Nice House! So charming. I am glad you got to go……I amd l happy we got to see Baby Miles at the party. what a cutie….. Hugs to all…see ya next week.

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