Project: Food Budget (Week 41)

Have you ever lived on the road for an extended period?  We aren’t exactly backpacking across the country.  We have the wonderful comforts of living with our families and visiting friends, no backpacks, and no hitchhiking.  But after more than a month of living with others, I miss a lot of normal things.  I miss grocery shopping, and I plan to volunteer to do more of it for our hosts.  I did get to grocery shop with my sister last week.  We took our babies, and I had this weird/wonderful moment of realizing that Kristy and I are actual grown-ups.  Adult sisters take their babies to the grocery store.  The tiny nephew decided that he would much rather nurse at the market, so I scooted around the store following my sister’s list while they hung out in the food court area.  I had fun!  Although it is a little hard to pick out food for someone else.  Which cereal?  Which lettuce for burgers?  Tomatoes on the vine or plum tomatoes?  It made me remember the early days of this challenge when I stood in the aisles staring at shelves and packages and weekly fliers, figuring unit prices.  I need to get back on that train!

We had another week of traveling and eating out.  We spent about $125 for the week.  Over budget, but boy was it fun.


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