My little boy is turning three FOUR on Wednesday, and I haven’t even blogged about my baby girl’s birthday yet.  Shame on me!  So here we go…

Sweet Charlotte turned one on June 27th.  We celebrated with a butterfly party on the 30th.  I had fun planning my first little girl party.  I had the combination of pink and orange and butterflies in my head since she was brand new.  Charlotte slept through the beginning of the party, but she woke up for her very first taste of cake.  She was an enthusiastic but tidy cake eater.  Here are some images from her day.

6 thoughts on “ONE

  1. I thought “Three, that doesn’t seem right, but what do I know?” lovely pics–her big blue eyes are beautiful and she is the neatest one year old cake eater I’ve ever seen. Tell Fletcher he looks cool in those black glasses. Hugs to all.

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