Project: Food Budget {Week 45}

I’m back!  And I’m ready to really do this food budget thing again.  I can’t believe I missed three weeks of posting, and I sincerely apologize to my fellow budgeters for dropping the ball.  Sorry, guys.

This week was a major re-stocking week.  We came home after EIGHT WEEKS of traveling to find a quarter inch of very spoiled milk (how did we forget to dump that?), a box of stale Kix, and a lot of condiments.  That’s pretty much it.  Even so, we were only slightly over budget at $165.  (In case you’ve forgotten, my self-imposed budget is $100, but my actual budget is $150.)  The $165 includes one Arby’s dinner, but it does not include our ice cream stop last night.

Since the beginning of this project, I’ve only planned dinner menus, but now, I’m being more deliberate about snacks.  My hubby kept reminding me that I wasn’t buying snacks (except cookies…we always have cookies), but because I wasn’t buying snacks, the kids were doing a lot of begging and whining.  So I’ve decided to start planning snacks.  This week, I cut up carrots and celery.  I also bought grapes and pistachios.  I must have chosen well because the grapes and pistachios are gone, and the carrots are almost gone.  Now what to do with all that celery…

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