Election Day Soup

It’s Election Day in the good old U.S. of A.  I am far more excited about the FACT of voting, the right to vote, the concept of voting than the actual choosing among candidates.  Two imperfect (who isn’t?) men with a variety of ideas on a variety of topics are vying for the same job.  I will choose the person who I believe will do the most good with the position, and I hope you will do the same.  I refuse to see the “other guy” as a monster, and I have no illusions that the man getting my vote is going to save the world.  Someone will hold the office of President for four years, and the world will go on.  And that, my friends, is as political as I will get on Warm As Pie!

You know what I really love about Election Day?  Election Day Soup!  Let me tell you a little story.  In 2000, I was eligible to vote in a Presidential election for the first time.  I was really excited.  I was in my senior year of college, and I had a wonderful boyfriend with a little black pick-up truck who was willing to make the trip from campus to my home precinct.  The ride was 1 hour and 45 minutes long, and my future husband barely batted an eye.  The power had gone out due to a storm, so I voted in the glow of a generator-powered spotlight.  I had my picture taken in the booth, something I hear is now illegal.

Not wanting us to simply vote and turn right around, my Grandma Sunny invited us–along with my parents–to have dinner at her house.  She made her family-favorite broccoli cheese soup and homemade buns.  Nothing–I mean nothing–beats Gram’s buns.  My mouth is watering just thinking about them.  Anyway, my boyfriend had never been to Grandma’s house (although they did meet once before), and he later confessed that he had never had soup as a complete meal before.  Funny.

We had a wonderful time.  All of us were laughing and talking and sopping up delicious, creamy soup with big chunks of homemade buns.  We told stories and giggled over silly memories.  Cory had Gram laughing, and I knew she truly liked him.  I remember sitting in Gram’s dining room feeling very much in love and realizing that life was very, very good.  I have made her broccoli cheese soup on Election Day ever since.  I know I’ve never missed a Presidential election, and I’ve even pulled out the broccoli & cheese for a good number of the annual elections as well.  I’m a sucker for a tradition, and this one holds some truly delicious memories.

Wishing you a happy Election Day and a blessed autumn!

3 thoughts on “Election Day Soup

  1. 2000 was my first time voting ever at all. I remember that night because everyone in my dorm was so energized. It was very exciting. I also want the recipe for the election day BUNS!

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