We’re In!

Hello, readers–those who have made it through my long dry spell.  We closed on the house about two weeks ago.  Most of our belongings are here in the new house, but the boxes are many!  We had a loss in our family, so the move-in didn’t happen in one big swoop as I had hoped.  We needed to step away from the work, mourn with our family, and celebrate the life of a sweet grandma.  Then Thanksgiving came.  More days away.  Then there was a weekend of a birthday and a baby shower!  All good things, but the task of settling in has been slow.

Our Christmas tree is up, and “home” is starting to feel like a fitting name for this little cottage of ours.  Yesterday, Cory and I watched the Steeler game in our sunroom/schoolroom.  The snow was falling in earnest, and we could watch it from every angle in this sweet sunroom.  I was filled with the joy of having made it home in time for Christmas and in time for our baby’s arrival.

5 thoughts on “We’re In!

  1. kathy g

    Beautiful ! R.I.p Grandma Kitty…we are counting down till Reed is here!!! So excited!! Words cannot express how happy we r that you have all moved back to.Pa!!

  2. Alice Robertson

    So very sorry to read about the loss of your grandma. No matter how old, the void is still there. I’m sure it was a life well-lived. Glad to hear you are settling in. ENJOY life in your new surroundings! Miss you all. Alice

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