Jumping for Joy

We are having a great, quiet Saturday.  It’s the first Saturday since we moved with nowhere to go, and being here feels right.  I gave all three kiddos much needed haircuts.  The boys are watching a Christmas movie, and hubby is grading final exams.  Charlotte is taking a nap next to me.  Perfect.  The only thing better would be watching the rather gloomy drizzle turn to snow.

Boxes are still plenty, but we set yesterday as a deadline for having things relatively “set up,” so today is a day for relishing our efforts and the results.  It’s not perfect.  No, no.  Yet the house feels much better.  For once I don’t feel guilty about sitting on the couch blogging instead of unpacking a box or scrubbing something.  Imagine!

I love these shots of the kids enjoying a mostly empty house on the second day after closing.  There has been a certain joy about our days as we become acquainted with this old, new-to-us house.



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