“Please remember to give yourself grace if things aren’t just how you feel they should be.”

These are the words sent to me by a new friend in my neighborhood, a fellow homeschool mom and a fellow Christian.  I sent her a word of encouragement via Facebook inbox one day, and she sent me a lovely note in return–saying exactly what I needed to hear on our first day back to school after our new baby’s arrival and Daddy’s return to work.  That was mid-January.  We’re over a month into “normal life,” and it’s been quite a roller coaster.  There have been plenty of high soaring moments–newborn smiles, visits from family, beautiful snow, exciting sled rides, the discovery of fun places in our new community.  But we’ve had lows–sinking, where-is-the-bottom kinds of lows.  We’ve had illness–nothing serious, but when my kiddos aren’t 100%, I’m terribly on-edge and praying for a return to good health.  I haven’t been myself either, and you know the saying.  When mama ain’t happy…

Homeschooling has been rough during this wintery back-to-school transition.  Because I haven’t been feeling great, I haven’t been very fun or creative in my school planning.  We’re covering the basics and waiting (not so patiently) for a break in the weather.  Simply being outside is education in itself, and I can’t wait to explore our new yard and begin a little gardening project.

For now, I’m keeping my friend’s words close.  I am not always generous with myself when it comes to doling out grace, but thankfully, I have a Lord who is exceedingly generous in that regard.

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