Our Dog: Worth Breaking the Rules

We are not rule breakers.  I guess you could say Cory and I are pretty straight laced.  We don’t sneak into movies, cheat on our taxes, or pretend our child is under five to get the free kid’s meal.

But we did get a puppy out of wedlock.  While I was living in a college-owned apartment.  Gasp!

That sweet pup became our beloved companion.  Hannah moved with us from our college town to Massachusetts, back to our home state, to Florida, and back to our college town.  She was gentle, quiet, and as low maintenance  as any dog could be.  Being a Labrador mix, she did have a pronounced puppy phase during which she barked at every squirrel and bicycle, and she once ate an entire loaf of bread but left the crusts.  She was a treasure.

This morning, Hannah died.  Her health had been declining, but I still feel sucker punched.  I was not ready.  I’m not ready to not see her first thing in the morning.  I’m not ready to not watch her streak up my parent’s back yard looking incredibly like a racing greyhound.  I’m not ready to miss her barks, her brown eyes, her shiny coat.  I want it to be yesterday again when I scratched behind her ear and told her to be good while we went to Grandma and Papa’s house for the day.

We are not rule breakers, but we took a risk and found a friend.

Miss you, Girl.



7 thoughts on “Our Dog: Worth Breaking the Rules

  1. Alice

    It is never easy to lose a dear pet. I remember Eugene o’neill writing the “Last Will and Testament of a Very Distinguished Dog” and ,in the words of the dog , “If I’ve done my job right, you’ll find a replacement for me. He won’t be as distinguished as me, but…” I’ve paraphrased that because I don’t remember the exact words , but the sentiment is there. Hannah was a very distinguished dog, and her legacy is you are dog lovers for life . Our sympathies to the whole family.

  2. kathy g

    Sweet Hannah. Rest in peace. You are missed. Paris and I am glad I had some quiet moments in grandma Marys house. With you. Love Kathy

  3. Nancy Gardner

    My heart breaks with you. Since our sweet dog is 11, it won’t be long and we will be in your shoes. Oh how we love them, and oh how our heart breaks when it is their time to leave us. But we were blessed that they were a part of our lives, if only for a short time. They add so much to our lives! I am so sorry.

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