Thanks and Summertime

Dear Readers,

Wow!  Your response to my last post (June 6th) blew my socks off!  Thank you.  Your comments here on my blog, on my Facebook page, and in conversations elsewhere on the web showed me that I am not alone in my feelings, and they served as evidence that sometimes a little inspiration from others can be the catalyst for positive change.  I am humbled and delighted to have been a tiny spark of inspiration for some of you.  Other comments in the places mentioned above, as well as in private conversations and correspondence, pushed me to think and to further analyze my words and my situation.  Being pushed isn’t comfortable, but it can be useful.  So thank you, sincerely, for reading and for considering.  The huge increase in readership over the last week has astounded me and certainly made me smile.  I hope some of my new readers will stick around.

So…summer has come!

Sure, the calendar hasn’t given us official summertime yet, but the weather certainly has.  We are on our second day in the 90s, and it is gorgeous out there.  Our family made our first trip to the community pool.  I have never been a public pool kinda gal, but nothing lights up my children’s faces like the sight of a big, blue swimming pool sparkling in the sun.  We’ve been driving past this pool in the park for weeks, waiting for it to finally open.  With no vacation plans this year, we felt that the rather affordable family pass was a worthwhile investment.  The anticipation of today’s outing was monumental!  You would have thought we had arrived at Disney World as we entered the pool grounds, marveling at the patchwork of brightly colored beach towel.  Let the fun begin!

jonah pool





Oh my goodness!  Look at that!  A rare image of Mom in the pool.  Wonders never cease!  🙂

3 thoughts on “Thanks and Summertime

  1. Karen Asplen

    Wow Erica, you look great and nice and cool. We’re sweltering here. Love your posts and I’m so glad you’re getting much deserved followers.

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