Project Food Budget — The End


It’s wrap-up week.  Here are the things that I learned during this project.

  1. Planning matters!  I do usually plan meals, but Project Food Budget required consistency in my meal planning.  If I am going to stick to my budget, I MUST have a plan.  This project has proven what I already knew.
  2. Accountability is everything!  I love this project because someone is watching my menu!  It pushes me to spend carefully and plan creatively.  I like trying new things, but like everyone, I sometimes get into a rut with our family meals.  Sharing my plans with others gives me the incentive to be more creative.
  3. We need planned snacks.  I intentionally plan breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but I often forget snacks.  By the end of the week, my kids are begging for spoons of peanut butter because I didn’t buy enough snacks.  Except for cookies, we don’t buy junk food, so I really need to do some thinking and researching about easy and healthy snacks.  I repeat: EASY.  If you have some favorites, please post them in the comments.
  4. My budget is going to have to grow…maybe soon.  If I’m really, really careful I can meet our $120 budget, but it doesn’t leave much room for fun or trying new things.  And these kids of ours are growing, growing, growing!  This week I will have a TEN year old.  I can’t imagine now much food we’ll need in the future!

Goal: $120          Actual:  $45 Aldi + $79 Shop ‘ n Save = $124  Not bad!

Monday:  Chicken nuggets, sweet potatoes, and mixed veggies

Tuesday:  Faculty Picnic at Cory’s university

Wednesday:  Baked fish and broccoli

Thursday:  Baked ziti and salad

Friday:  Grilled cheese and homemade vegetable soup

Saturday:  Sandwiches, pasta salad, and birthday cake!

Sunday:  Leftover buffet  🙂

Blogging Budgeters:  (Or is it Budgeting Bloggers?)

5 thoughts on “Project Food Budget — The End

  1. Donna

    You are doing a good job. Are you familiar with “master mix”? It is similar to bisquick. It works for breads, pancakes, and cookies. I was given it by Penn state extension office when our kids were young. If you get a chance to go to the farmers market, you can get some deals on fresh produce. Yes, teenagers have 2 hour feedings.

  2. I love everything you’ve learned! I am a huge fan of “breakfast cookies” that have healthier ingredients and are super easy to make. We do a lot of granola bars, truffles with sneaky ingredients like chickpeas and avocados, and smoothies. Buying fruit in bulk when it’s in season and then freezing for later is a great way to save a little $$.

  3. Meg Campbell

    Number three is so true!! I’m a huge fan of keeping hummus/guac in the fridge with crackers, pita, veggies, tortilla chips, etc for easy dipping! I was also recently introduced to roll ups – a slice of your favorite cheese with a slice or two of your favorite deli meat – and found that to be a great option too!

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