Welcome to the new Warm as Pie

Welcome, friends!  Welcome to http://www.warmaspie.com.  I am grateful that you are here to follow my family’s journey, to take the time to spend a few quiet moments with me when you have infinite options in this big, busy world.  Quiet.  That is what I wish to bring you. I’ve been learning in recent years how much I need silence each day.  I need a little time to rest, to think, and to listen for God’s still voice.  Writing here gives me those moments that I crave deeply.  I hope that reading my blog will be just as refreshing for you.

Yes, the biggest change on this 8th anniversary of my blog is that I have finally purchased my own domain!  Warm as Pie has been an important part of my life for quite a long time.  I dreamed it’s name more than eight years ago, and it immediately felt perfect.  I never doubted my choice, and unlike so many other ventures in my life, I have never grown tired of it or wondered if it accurately captures the content and mood I wish to create here.  The move to claim this piece of virtual real estate felt like the next right step, so this afternoon, I did it!

You will also notice that Warm as Pie has a very different look.  What do you think?  The grid of photographs highlights my favorite part of keeping this blog–the images.  Landing on this “Cubic” homepage feels fresh and alive.

Are you ready to take the next steps with me?  I hope you’ll return frequently to see my pictures and stories, and I’m excited to introduce a new element to this website — Movie Mondays! I won’t promise a video every Monday, but from time to time, you will have a chance to see and hear me reach out from this screen in the form of a short video.  I’m excited to connect with you in a brand new way.



6 thoughts on “Welcome to the new Warm as Pie

  1. Tracy Born

    Lovely! Congratulations on your own little slice of internet pie! 🙂 Your writing IS refreshing and your posts are always a delightful addition to my day. Xo

  2. nancy gardner

    Love all the pictures, especially Reed with the tomatoes! Did he eat one?

    Congrats on claiming your name. It is special to you and now it always will be. Love to read your messages!

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