A Good January Day

I am a fan of COZY. Like a paint-yourself-all-over, throw-some-confetti, and wear-a-crazy-hat kind of fan! I love tea, blankets, slippers, and jammies. I love fireplaces, potbelly stoves, and candles. I love snowy days and gray skies, mittens, scarves, and tossle caps. Snow and ice might not seem cozy, but for me, all the cold, wet things outside simply act as crisp backdrops to all the wonderful, warm things inside. They make the tea and slippers necessary and appreciated. When winter shows up, I’m ready and waiting!

Today felt like a perfect winter day. We woke up to a light layer freshening up the weekend’s snow. The morning gave us pretty sunshine that glinted on the new snow and seemed to cut straight through our sunroom windows. I, a forty-one year old woman, did a little spin where the rays of light dappled the hardwood floor. My fifteen year old laughed at me as he did his Chemistry lesson, and I didn’t mind one bit!

We jumped into our school day–everyone in jammies. We sat around our dining room table, and I noticed that the little tea roses I bought spontaneously on Friday are opening and doing their part to brighten our home. The three older kids had music lessons over Zoom this afternoon, so our house was also filled with the sounds of a young fiddler, a pianist, and a flute player.

I stepped outside only once to feed the chickens. I crunched my way up to the coop in my “chicken boots,” breathing deeply and savoring the clean air. I took the moment to feel the sharp contrast between a snuggly day indoors and the sharpness of January air. It’s a good juxtaposition. A comfortable place. I blew out a breath and turned back toward the door where the smells of dinner cooking invited me inside.

12 thoughts on “A Good January Day

  1. Annemarie

    You are blogging again. I’m so happy to read your words after a few years without them! Thanks for opening up your heart and home to your readers once again! Appreciate you! Annemarie

  2. I love your writing so much. I can feel “you” in the words that I read. Thank you for challenging me this year and holding me accountable. This is going to be a great year!

  3. Tracy Born

    I love a good reason to snuggle indoors as well! I can just see you twirling… I’d be the 54 year old woman twirling w you! 😉 Tracy

  4. nancy gardner

    Love your blog and the tea roses! Who plays the piano? Is Fletcher the one on the violin?

    Hugs, Nancy

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