Simple Living // Starting Again

A few years ago, I shared my journey back toward simple living. I thought I had finally found the motivation, the resources, and the overall wisdom to declutter FOR GOOD. I was excited and relieved to finally be on the right path. You can read those posts here:

Part 1: Edit Post ‹ Warm as Pie —

Part 2: Edit Post ‹ Warm as Pie —

Part 3: Edit Post ‹ Warm as Pie —


Here I am five and half years later, and I am still struggling with this area of my life. I love simple spaces. I love the idea of living more fully with less stuff. At the moment, I have one decluttered space in my home — the master bedroom. It is my favorite place. It is my refuge, and the thought of having other rooms where I can rest and enjoy my family is pure bliss.

I certainly have moments where I wallow in discouragement (it was tough seeing that those posts were written in 2015!), but I am never one to stay there long. Instead of moaning about the fact that over five years have passed and I am still struggling with clutter, I am ready to dig in! My first blog post of each month will be about my pursuit of a simpler life with fewer belongings and less stress. I believe these steps are necessary for my family’s mental, physical, and spiritual health.

I know I can’t do this alone. I have a few tools in place to help me make progress.

  1. I turn to YouTube for BIG motivation. My favorites are The Minimal Mom and Natalie Bennett. The videos themselves get me all excited! The comment sections on these two channels are full of positivity and great tips.
  2. I joined a community on Instagram. At the beginning of 2021, I decided it was time to get serious. I joined a lovely group of women called the Minimalist Mom Community, and I have been turning to those gals for support and encouragement. You don’t have to have “made it” to minimalism to join, and I am certainly not there! Yet I feel a sense of belonging that has been incredibly helpful and reassuring.
  3. My dear friend Karen runs a “Clutter Club” within our sorority chapter. She sends an email each day with a task to conquer. These daily reminders of the ever-present work of decluttering drive home the fact that this process isn’t about the big finale–it’s about the little steps forward.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your belongings or maybe an overfilled schedule, join me!

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