Menu Mondays

I’m going to try.  I really will!

I’m going to try to post our dinner menu for the week on most Mondays.  I enjoyed doing that when I was completing the 52 week food budget challenge.  The habit pushed me to be creative and consistent in my meal planning.  So here goes…

Monday:  pork chops on the grill, pasta salad, and fresh pineapple

Tuesday:  chicken salad with grapes and pecans on whole wheat buns and sweet potato fries

Wednesday:  tacos and corn on the cob

Thursday:  turkey burgers on whole wheat buns and Grandma Sunny’s bean salad

Friday:  fish (not sure how I’ll prepare it) and wild rice with apricots and pecans

Saturday:  {We’ll be away all day and will probably eat out.}

Sunday:  steak on the grill, roasted cabbage with garlic and lemon, and baked apples