On Saturday, my six-year-old and I went for a big walk with Charlotte in her wrap.  The day was gorgeous but really hot.  Mid-90s, high humidity.  My silly boy insisted upon wearing long jeans and a long sleeved navy blue shirt along with his superhero cape (a favorite Christmas gift made by Aunt Kristy).  While I strongly recommended a cooler ensemble, the boy insisted that that this was his super suit.  Mama lost.

We watched the sailboats on the lake (see Sunday’s post).  We watched some really crazy squirrels run up and down the trees and chase each other through curtains of Spanish moss.  We marveled at the oak trees that don’t look at all like oak trees and produce tiny acorns.

We found the shells of fresh water clams.

After walking a bit, I sat in the shade while Charlotte napped and her busy brother chased butterflies (He caught one!) and practiced his superhero moves.  He threw himself into the air and let himself fall and tumble.  While I cringed at the inevitable impact, he never hesitated.  A few minutes of watching the jump-crash-roll left me finally able to relax and enjoy how unencumbered he was in those moments.  Lately, I’ve been feeling like I am constantly scolding and reminding.  Don’t jump on the couch.  Don’t leave your socks in the livingroom.  Don’t blow bubbles in your milk.  Don’t be so rough.  Don’t be so loud.  What a drag.  During our forty-five minute outing, I remembered why raising this little boy is so much fun.  He doesn’t worry that people raise their eyebrows at the cape.  He doesn’t mind that winter clothes leave him with fat drips of sweat coursing down his sweet cheeks.  In fact, as we strolled home, he proudly said, “I caught a sweat.  That’s good!”  He is not at all concerned that he’ll have bruises on his elbows and knees from all those carefree collisions with the ground.  He doesn’t think about the bug bites that will certainly come from flopping in the long grass and staying there looking up at the clouds.  I soaked in his joy, his freedom, his boyhood.  I made a promise to say “no” when it matters, and whenever possible, let him be.


Have a beautiful Sunday!

“Six days you shall work, but on the seventh day you shall rest. In plowing time and in harvest you shall rest.” Exodus 34:21

Have a great Labor Day!

“Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under the trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.” ~John Lubbock



On the Bright Side

Moving is hard.  ::  Moving is exciting.

Having a wide open schedule is kind of dull.  ::  Having a wide open schedule leaves me free to be with my family.

The weather is so hot.  ::  The sun is so beautiful and life-giving.

I’m living in a place that is completely foreign to me.  ::  I’m living next to a lake–a lovely lake that sparkles in the sunlight.  We see turtles lifting their funny, scaly necks before dipping back down into the dark water.  We watch (or chase) tall birds, some kind of crane I think.  We see fishermen on the nearby pier, but we haven’t seen a catch yet.

Life is different here, but as long as we look on the bright side, I think we’ll manage.

The view from our porch.



Beach trip #1

When my husband and I lived in Massachusetts, we were about two hours from the shore.  We went to Boston one time, and we took a little anniversary trip to New Hampshire.  Other than those two excursions, we did not take advantage of the proximity to the ocean.  In our new location, we don’t want to let the opportunity pass.  So on Saturday, we headed to the beach.  We chose to take an evening trip to avoid the most intense sunshine and heat.  We chose well.  The beach was gorgeous.  The setting sun gave a lovely light to our surroundings, and we could enjoy the sand and sea without getting toasted.  Of course, we slathered up with sunscreen, and Charlotte & I kept to the shade.

You gotta watch that girl though…already showing her midriff at the beach!

The salt came as an unpleasant surprise.  This boy of mine is a little dramatic about such things.

Mostly, we just loved having a few hours to forget about being the “tourists” in town (lots of people at the beach are tourists!), enjoy seeing smiling faces and squeals of laughter, and stop worrying about all the details of settling into a new  home.

It was a count-your-blessings sort of day.


Today my little boy is three.  He came in a quick, natural birth on Friday, July 18, 2008.  Eleven days after his due date, the midwife ruptured his cozy, watery home, and in a short few hours, a treasure was in my arms.  He has a sweet spirit, a joyful presence, and a ready smile.  He finds every opportunity for mischief, idolizes his big brother, and adores his new baby sister (when he isn’t frustrated by his disrupted routine).  He loves to hide under the diningroom table, swim in Grandma & Papa’s pool, and give hugs & kisses.  He makes us laugh and reminds us that silly is good!

Today we will celebrate with a light picnic supper at the park with our family of five and the grandparents.  Rain may come, but we will have a fun day for this fun little guy.

Hello, Summer!

Summertime and the livin’ is easy…

Summer has never been my favorite season, but it does have much to love.  We’ve already dug into some of our favorite summer things:   the baby pool, the BIG pool at Grandma & Papa’s house, watermelon, walks, tricycles, sidewalk chalk, peach pie, corn on the cob, picnics, trips to the playground, and Italian ice.  This week is our church’s Vacation Bible School, and it is always a big highlight of our summer.  This is the first year that I sent my little one.  He is a member of the 3 year old class (He’ll be 3 next month), and my heart did a little jump when I saw him filing into the sanctuary with his class.  He looked so grown up and proud of himself.

I wish I could say that I’ve made remarkable progress on packing, but no, I can’t fib on the blog.  We’ve had a lot of fun though!  We’ve enjoyed the celebrations of my birthday (hello, #32), Fathers’ Day, and the high school graduation of our niece, Deanna.  We met a college friend for lunch, attended a family reunion, dabbled in all of the fun listed above, and daydreamed a lot about the future.  I can’t complain.

The positively glorious orange cake that my amazing hubby made for my birthday. It is drizzled with an orange butter glaze. Ahhh...

I promise…

I promise…
:: to not allow the weeks before our baby arrives to be filled only with packing, cleaning, and making lists.
:: to take my family on “mystery trips” to great places like the zoo…this summer and forever.
:: to really engage with my boys, forcing myself out of the daydreaming/worrying cycle that will take over if I think only of moving.
:: to laugh with my husband at the ridiculous and amusing pictures that people post on real estate sites. Do they really think that deer heads wearing Santa hats will sell their property? I’m not kidding!
:: to go blueberry picking with my mother-in-law even if I have a tiny baby strapped to my chest.
:: to celebrate who I am spiritually, emotionally, and even physically (check out this awesome post at The Sleepytime Gal.)

We’re Moving!

Well, ladies and gentlemen (don’t know if any gentlemen actually read my blog).  We are getting ready for a big move.  Big.  Move. 

Even though this is a really rough time to be moving (hot weather and a baby due in just 3 weeks), this announcement is a cause to celebrate.  My dedicated, hard-working hubby has been offered a teaching job at a small, liberal arts college, and we are delighted that God has blessed us with this opportunity–an opportunity that we have waited for and prayed for during many years of graduate school and two years on the job market.  We are not making a move across town, or even across our state.  We will be moving about 17 hours away from our family, so while we are rejoicing for the job and the financial security that it offers, we can’t help having mixed feelings about the changes that are ahead.  I am a mix of happy anticipation and sadness.  The prospect of a fresh start is exhilarating!  The thought of leaving behind family, friends, our son’s school, and our church is heartbreaking.  

So…things are going to look a bit different here at Warm as Pie.  The blog might be slow-moving for awhile, but I have no intentions of quitting!  In fact, I have a feeling that my blog will take on a new level of life and meaning when it becomes an important part of how I show relatives and friends the day-to-day growth and fun of our little family.  I have two primary goals for this time of transition: 1) to provide stability and comfort for my boys, and 2) to maintain and forge even stronger bonds with the people we love.  Warm as Pie will be a signficant tool in the second goal.

We plan to move around the beginning of August.  We are making baby preparations and trying to pack while not missing out on the joys of summer.  This will be a summer I certainly will never forget!

Let’s get started!

Yesterday (Friday) was our first day of summer vacation.  And we started with a bang…well, a *whoosh* anyway.  On Tuesday, the kindergarten class had Science Olympiad Day.  They made–and brought home–volcanos!  So, yesterday we set up our volcano on the back deck and got ready for action.

And a second try!