Today my little boy is three.  He came in a quick, natural birth on Friday, July 18, 2008.  Eleven days after his due date, the midwife ruptured his cozy, watery home, and in a short few hours, a treasure was in my arms.  He has a sweet spirit, a joyful presence, and a ready smile.  He finds every opportunity for mischief, idolizes his big brother, and adores his new baby sister (when he isn’t frustrated by his disrupted routine).  He loves to hide under the diningroom table, swim in Grandma & Papa’s pool, and give hugs & kisses.  He makes us laugh and reminds us that silly is good!

Today we will celebrate with a light picnic supper at the park with our family of five and the grandparents.  Rain may come, but we will have a fun day for this fun little guy.

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