2nd Blogiversary!

I am not at all surprised that I began this blog just as summer turned to fall.  The autumn season inspires me in so many ways.  I love that as the outdoors grow cooler, the inside becomes warmer and cozier.  I am reminded of all that people do to make our homes warm, comfortable places.  We turn back toward the rooms of our houses as summer’s activies come to an end.  In those rooms, we stir soup, bake bread, and wash up blankets to be draped over the arms of couches.  All of that change makes me want to set goals and make changes on the inside of me, not just my home.

As I move into my third year of blogging, I am in a very different place geographically.  Here, we don’t need the hot, hearty soup.  We aren’t ready for cozy blankets.  In fact, while our family up north is pulling out the woolens, I haven’t noticed any real change in the temperatures.  Nonetheless, I do feel inspired.  The hot weather holds steady, but the year still passes.  We are moving into the time of year when we shed the old to make room for the new, and I want to carry that rhythm into my life and my blog.

I feel pleased that my blog has become a positive and pleasant habit, a part of my routine that I certainly miss when life pulls me away from the computer (as it should).  Blogging has pushed me to keep my eyes open for beautiful moments and quiet lessons in my daily life.  And it has become more fun and rewarding as I’ve watched my readership grow.

Thank you!  I hope you’ll stick around.

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